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The IFDR 800 is designed for the integration of the DUPLEX. The DUPLEX optimizes energy consumption, allowing a wide range of combinations of pressure/flow rate relationship. It is available in two models:
• DUPLEX 8/85 Litri/Min.
• DUPLEX 18/120 Litri/Min.


The main features of this application are:


· Programmable pressure in 6 different values that can be customized by the user up to a maximum of 70 bar. (On-demand: special models with higher pressures).

· Adjustment of the flow rate completely automatic in relation to the tool in use, for each programmed pressure value.

· Specific management software of the two pumps to distribute the workload in a balanced way between the two connected pumps.

· Specific software for managing the flow rates to avoid disequilibrium between the inverters of the two pumps.

· Reduction of energy consumption and heat transmitted to the cutting fluid.


DUPLEX represents a radical change in the culture of high-pressure machining and allows optimization of tool use, reduction of cycle time, the extension of tool life and consequent reduction of waste.

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