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The company was founded by Enrico Battistutta in 1999, who is the current CEO. He started his activity in the family turning workshop, gradually gaining experience in direct contact with the problems related to machining. RBM, thanks to this experience, offers a complete range of products that can be combined with both new and retrofitting machine tools, for the processing of any type of material:
• Chip conveyors.
• Filtration systems.
• Chillers for coolant’s temperature control.



RBM is a dynamic company, in line with technological innovation and focused on market demands. The synergy with the machine tool manufacturers is of primary importance and allows it to offer filtration systems suitable for every need.
The collaboration with the manufacturers of tools and pumps, with which RBM conducts research, is also fundamental. Collaborations to develop systems optimized for modern machine tools and new high-pressure and precision technologies, in which the automation of the flow rate/pressure relationship is essential for correct use.


The history and experience of RBM have allowed the company to develop special projects, including filtration systems dedicated also to the processing of unconventional materials, such as ceramics and carbon fiber, with coolant. So RBM also becomes a technological partner with which to study customized solutions for every need.



RBM works both nationally and internationally to analyze and solve technical problems related to the management of chips and coolant in machine tools.

RBM pursues full satisfaction of customers’ needs by ensuring:
• Increased process and product efficiency.
• Important economic benefits derived from the optimization of operating costs and machine tool management.


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