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CO-RE 800

CO-RE 800


The CO-RE filtering system is available in two models: CO-RE 500 and CO-RE 800.


The CO-RE 500 has got an overall system volume of 500 L and a flow rate of liquid filtered at 20 µm of 80 L/min.


The CO-RE 500 includes in its configuration:
• Suction pump from the machine tool tank.
• External rotofilter with 50 µm filtration degree (first filtration) with automatic discharge of the sludge.
• Filtration unit below 20 µm (second filtration).
• Electrical control panel with PLC management.
Chiller prearrangement to control the coolant’s temperature.


CO-RE 800 can be configured with up to two delivery pumps, which can be customized according to the machine tool to which it is combined. Differently from the CO-RE 500, both delivery pumps can work at the same time on CO-RE 800.