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CO-RE 500

CO-RE 500


The CO-RE filtering system is available in two models: CO-RE 500 and CO-RE 800.


The CO-RE 500 has got an overall system volume of 500 L and a flow rate of liquid filtered at 20 µm of 40 L/min.


The CO-RE 500 includes in its configuration:
• Suction pump from the machine tool tank.
• External rotofilter with 50 µm filtration degree (first filtration) with automatic discharge of the sludge.
• Filtration unit below 20 µm (second filtration).
• Electrical control panel with PLC management.
Chiller prearrangement to control the coolant’s temperature.


CO-RE 500 can be configured with up to two delivery pumps, one as an alternative to the other, which can be customized according to the machine tool to which it is combined. If both pumps would be required at the same time, the CO-RE 800 will suit this need better.

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