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A-I Conveyors


For all metal types

The A-I conveyor series from RBM represents a step change in technology over traditional conveyor systems.
The build structure and the unique innovative design of the belt allow RBM conveyors to work both as a dredge and as a hinge, simply reversing the direction of rotation according to the material being machined.
The drum filter model also allows for pre-filtration of finer particle materials.

Conveyors benefits

  • 100% adaptability to any machine tool
  • 100% elimination of the dilema of choosing, a priori, the type of conveyor according to the type of material being processed: RBM is the only truly universal supplier of conveyors for all applications
  • 80% Reduction of small chips dispersed in the tank

The solution that enhances the IFDR system

The A-I conveyor series is the first step to reducing contamination, combining with an IFDR gives the complete coolant delivery solution which will provide the highest performance with minimal operating costs even when batch processing different materials.

A-I Conveyor

A-I Special projects

bespoke solutions incorporating modular technology to deliver customised benefits