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Since its establishment in 1988, RBM works, first nationally and then internationally, with a clear and specific mission to analyze and solve technical problems related to the management of the chip and the coolant in the machine tool industry, enabling its customers to realize:
  1. considerable improvements of efficiency of the process and product - significant process and product efficiency improvements
  2. economic benefits resulting from the optimization of machine tool's managing and operating costs - cost savings due to machine tool optimisation and reduced operating costs
  3. improvement of labour health and environment standards, related to the use of the machine tool - Health, Safety and Environmental improvements

To support our mission, RBM has implemented an organizational  management structure made up of a network of companies, where RBM  plays the R&D  role  focussing on the coordination of all consultancy and operational activities in order to meet our  client's needs.
The company's focus has led to the development of systems and solutions  that offer a universal solution for use on any machine tool type and for any material being processed.
Our  deep rooted history and experience enables  RBM to develop special projects that are the basis for innovation and growth of the product, as applied to the machine tool industry

Our partner for filtration is: Industria Corporation