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RA-IN Independent automatic coolant top-up

RA-IN Independent automatic coolant top-up

The need to make the machine tools work on unmanned shifts made it necessary to develop a solution to restore the correct level of coolant in the machine tool tanks: the independent automatic coolant top-up. This solution allows maintaining the correct level in the tanks without the risk of cutting fluid dispersion.


The main advantages deriving from using the RA-IN are:

1. Electrical and pneumatic power supply derived directly from the electric and pneumatic panel of the machine tool.

2. Integrated PLC directly managed by the operator, who modifies the required parameters.

3. Simultaneous control of both levels and top-up times to prevent the overflow of cutting fluid.

4. Coolant inflow control valves normally closed.

5. Level reading system without floats or sensors to be regulated and insensitive to the presence of dirt in the emulsion.

6. Protected electrical box to allow only the operator to change parameters.

7. As an option, it is possible to manage an alarm that stops the machine tool in case of malfunctions.

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